About me


Hi I’m pretty, & I create pretty ass art. My art is mainly digital art. Where I create pretty ass girls! I specialize in women only. That’s just my preference to draw & my style. I’m 23 & I’m from Connecticut. I have been creating digital art for about a month now, I’m still learning! Make sure to scroll left to see my commissions rules & prices! 💕

Commission Policies

Commission Status: OPENED

Please read below for information on commissions! Contact me via Instagram DM or email & I'll get back to you ASAP!

EMAIL : yoimsopretty@icloud.com
INSTAGRAM DM : @prettyassart
CASHAPP : $yoimpretty
You must follow my IG so you can be featured in a post. Also tag me if you decide to upload.

༝ INFO ༝

- Prices in USD
- Pricing may change based on complexity of design, but will be agreed upon before I begin
- If you're commissioning a merch design/logo there will be an additional $10 charge
- Payment accepted via Cashapp (pay before hand)
- First payment is non-refundable once sent.
- Changes cannot be made to piece more than 3 times after final approval & payment is received..

I'm not comfortable with drawing...

- Dudes/masculine characters
- Too much background
- Hate/political themes
- Replicating other artists' styles or artwork (PLEASE DO NOT send reference of other artists' work)


- Detailed description of what you'd like drawn, with at least one reference photo!
- PLEASE let me know if you have a specific time you need the piece done by. Let me know if I have a deadline.
- I will send two copies. One with my watermark & one without.
- Communication! The quicker you approve/communicate ideas to me/send payments the quicker I can have your piece complete!
- Patience! I work 2 jobs & do commissions on the side. I will reply to messages asap, but keep in mind I may be busy!
Thank you! 💕

༝ ༝ ༝ ༝ ༝

Please feel free to message me with any questions! If you have an idea you're not sure about please run it by me!


Prices for commissions

Self portrait - $10 without background.
Self portrait - $15 with background.
Self portrait - $20 with effects.
Self portrait- $25 w/ background & effects
Two people - $25 includes background & effects
Three people - $30 includes background & effects
More than 3 people - $50 w/ background & effects.
Kids - $25 price varies depending on age.
Logos - depending on what it is $10-$50

But keep in mind, all prices range depending on what the picture is!

CASHAPP - $yoimpretty


Self portrait

Self portrait - $10 without background.
Self portrait - $15 with background.
Self portrait - $20 with effects.
Self portrait- $25 w/ background & effects

This photo is a $20 portrait because it has a purple effect but no background. It’s a plain white background.


Two people portrait

Two people - $25 includes background & effects

This photo has the effects & a background color. But also can add effect to background.


With effects & with background

This is an example of a colored background, effects, & background effects.