Hi everyone,
I’m Maddyson, aka Madd.

I don’t call myself a physic or medium but I do both. I guess it’s the witches mark I struggle with.

I have been creeping people out since I was a child. Spirits have always been trying to get my attention.. I used to move rooms at night to try and fool them so I wouldn’t be bothered by them, it only worked for so long.

I pointed out my grandfathers spirit at the age of 3 while at his funeral.
I announced my Aunts pregnancy before she did as a small child as well. She said I freaked her out for years after that.

I have always had a great read on people energy and I could manipulate the manipulators before they saw it coming to protect myself and others.

I have made light bulbs shatter from my anger and people drop stuff when they’ve disrespected me.

I started casting spells and seances as a child that worked... I resonated with Matilda. I was her.

But my biggest and greatest love is astrology, it started with the farmers almanac and Native American beliefs. That lead me into intuitively guessing what sign people are when I meet them.

I graduated Astrology school January 2020, I read cards, and make Malas. I have a small shop on Etsy but my dream is to have a metaphysical shop and teach ancient knowledge.

Since graduating astrology school I have dove deep into shadow work and fix a lot of stuff since love and light manifestation has hit a wall for me.

I’m excited for all the new journeys I’m being forced into. Be blessed in your steps my friends. 🖤🌙☀️💫