I'm blessed by my ancestors to perform healing, spiritual cleansing ✨ tarot& palm reading's 🔮 also to make all spells, Blessed waist beads & bracelet

There is Magic, but without the belief in your magic, you are no magician. Disbelief will have you doubting yourself, doubting the outcome of your rituals when your heart and mind were playing both sides of the fence anyway. Spirit don’t work like that. Magic isn’t about power or any quick fix results, it’s about balanced understanding and the real rituals that bring results will require a lifetime commitment.
Orders going out today, I also haven’t checked emails but will be doing that today as well to update inquiries on any new and existing orders. Anyone who has been waiting over the said wait time on the website, if you would like a refund you can simply request one with me or even your bank, I never deny anyone their money back and even offer it back if they would prefer one instead of waiting on me, i don’t even conversate when a refund is requested, I immediately will issue it to you. I’m sure Amazon or Walmart has some ready made magic kits you can get faster if you need it, and all my patient folks who know that I’m working on MY time, spirits time and creating products that assist you in REAL results I appreciate you ALL, I’m my ancestors favorite child, I’m blessed and anything anyone receives from me is made with the upmost patience, love, and ancestral knowledge, and I’ll take all the time I need to do it RIGHT. I know social media got y’all thinking that creating these products are simple but when you want it done RIGHT, and care about the integrity of the magic itself you will wait. Y’all gonna wait for my lil candles, just like y’all wait on the government.