Primal Sorcery ®️

Uniting Indigenous Spiritual Practitioners of the World

As a Indigenous, Norse & African Heritage and Brought up in my Indigenous Ways of my Ancestors. It is Vital to our Earth and too All People that we Band together. Especially as Indigenous Practitioners of our Heritage and Ancestral ways. We have many Elderly Passing on and others; especially our youth that need too still understand who, what and Who we are as a people
. Instead of Hate teaching them value and Love of who they are from Within.

Symbolism in Macrocosms and the Microcosmic levels of the ONE ☝🏼 of It ALL that We Absolutely Are as a Whole as a Creation and Need too Be Free and Flow as The ONE and Not be In Opposition to Anything At all For we Are ONE with that Creative Force at all times in Unity and Love and Peace.

This is what Everyone alway fails to ever see and come too terms with and seeks the Power for there Ego which is taught by all the Man Religions of Earth... Man is the issue with all there Greed and Dogmatic Manipulative Games of Control There is Nothing no left no Right no Black or White only On/Off
Flow/ Full 🛑 !!!

Knowing thyself is, there is No Limits But Himself!!

Uriel Zahriel -Official~

My Channel is Simply not just the Platform for Primal Sorcery but also I cover a Vast array of other Topics as well. Such as PTSD, Health, Fringe Science, Occult, Advocate4Humanity, Self help, DIY’s, Art, or what ever else Comes Into The flow of Question.

Primal Step #1

Why are we so divided inside

What is A sacrifice to you?

Primal Sorcery

Uriel Zahriel -Bio

I am Uriel Zahriel, I am a Primal Luciferian & Licensed Minister, and Once was a Associate Pastor in a Non-Denominational Church. I am A Master Mason of Freemasonry Widow Makers Sons Lodge #320. A Combat Veteran of the US ARMY and Honorably Discharged/ & Medically Retired Awarded With the Purple Heart. I have been in the Occult For 28+ years and Have Studied Just about Everything there is, and Have a Associate’s Degree in Anthropology and Art as well. I Am of Native American,Norse, and African Ancestry and Was brought up In my Culture the “Red Road” and Still a Active Member of the American Indian Movement. IAm also A Initiated in IFÁ and was Given the Name “Ifasango Bukola Okanran” and was Born on Odú Okanran Meji. Iam A Huge Advocate For Humanity and The Equality for All as One! And Absolute Truth Being the Highest In the The Universe!! I’m a Professional Artist of Multiple Media’s Im also Currently Clarksville’s Mayor’s Favorite Artist He Announced at the Last Art show I was in. I’m a Vendor and Artisan for Local Stores Valhalla’s Gate, Styks & Stone’s & Oddly Amaizing Antiques. I’m A Professional Occultist Light Bearer “Luciferian” Member Of the Luciferian Society, Luciferian Research Society, The Sect of the Horn God, The Magic and Occult Group, Former Owner of DarkSorcery©️ Current Owner of Primal Sorcery ©️ The Sect of Belial©️ Vets4Humanity©️ Advocate4Humanity®️Youtube’r
Also Lead PTSD Therapy Groups at
Centerstone Cohen Clinics and Help Counsel PTSD, Rape, Suicidal Veterans
Personal.. Mission: to Unite Humanity to One Truth One Love One People One People One Peace One ÆON All Within ONE’s Self... We All are Each others Brother and Sister’s Keeper .. and Truly Related as ONE !!
~Ifásango Bukola Okanran~

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