El Nido's Tourist Destinations

El Nido Palawan is like entering into a postcard, with crystal blue waters, magnificent beaches, and a rich marine life so beautiful that it has won the distinction of one of the best islands in the world, not just once.

Tour C

El Nido Tour C is the most popular of the El Nido tours. It will take you to lovely islands, beaches, and snorkeling places, as well as an unique location called Matinloc Shrine. If you could only do one tour in El Nido, it would most likely be Tour C.

Matinloc island

One of the highlights of the tour is snorkeling at Matinloc Island, which features a 100-meter white powdery sand beach surrounded by healthy coral and a bustling fish scene.

Helicopter Island

Divers can expect to see a diverse range of marine life as well as an exceptional (and one-of-a-kind) collection of corals at helicopter island diving sites. Helicopter Island's real name is Dilumacad. It was given this name by locals and tourists because of its unique and recognizable shape.

Secret beach

The Secret Beach is a hidden gem hidden among the cliffs, accessible only by a narrow gap. To get to this spot, one must swim through this opening, which shines brightly even when the sun kisses the cliffs.

Star beach

Star Beach, like Shimizu Island on tour A, is an excellent snorkeling location. While your guides prepare your lunch, you can first appreciate the deep-water delights.

Tour D

El Nido island hopping Tour D will take you on an unforgettable experience via some of Palawan's most gorgeous beaches. You'll have plenty of time to rest on the white beach, go snorkeling, see the colorful aquatic fauna, and simply appreciate the beauty of nature.

Bukal beach

Bukal Beach on Bukal Island is included on El Nido's Tour D, and it's also worth seeing on its own. It may be small in size, but it compensates with a lovely beachscape, calm waters for swimming, and a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Ipil beach

Ipil Beach is a magnificent beach on Pinagbuyutan Island. Its limestone cliffs soar majestically above the sea, casting a shadow on the island's other side. This provides pleasant shade on a portion of Ipil Beach for half of the day. This tourist destination is a great place to relax, sunbathe, or swim in the clear waters.

Paradise beach

El Nido's Paradise Beach lives up to its name. It features pure white beaches, glistening emerald waters, dancing coconut trees, and a feel of being in the middle of nowhere. It is the ideal location for anyone looking to simply rest and unwind, swim in the seas, tan, or forget about their worries.