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About Me!

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Hello everybaby! This is a little bit about me! ♥️

My name is Peach! 🍑 I am 20 years old, but my little ages range from 3-5! I am a lost little (meaning i don't have a daddy) but that's okay! I'm not looking for one either, so please do not message me asking to be my daddy. It's serious. 🍼🦄

I am a non-sexual little. I am a part of the DDLG community but all of the content that I post will be non-sexual. That being said, my page is 18+ to protect minors. I am old enough to follow 18+ accounts so I feel it would be wrong to expose minors to such things. 🔞⛔ NO MIK ⛔
If you want to read more on this, swipe on to read my DNI and Why I'm 18+ cards!

I love to play video games, and I play a lot of them but some of my favourites are Skyrim, Animal Crossing, The Sims 4, Minecraft and Overwatch! I also love everything Disney and Nintendo! Music is another big passion for me, any kind will do! 🎮🎠🌞

I hope you can join me on this journey and help me to be the princess I am! 👸

DNI (Do Not Interact)

These are all for my safety, as well as yours!

DNI if you:
• are against DDLG and it's variants.
• are a MIK/MAP. Neither will be tolarated here.
• are a minor. You must be 18+ and either DM me your age or have your age in your bio in order to follow me/have me follow you.
• are an agere, especially a minor. This is to protect both you and me.
• kinkshame. DDLG is a kink.
• Homophobic/transphobic. I am a part of the LG(B)TQ+ community.
• Racist. BLACK LIVES MATTER. All lives cannot matter until black lives and other minorities lives matter.
• post thinspo, self harm or any other possible threats.
• try and be my "daddy"/"mommy". I am not looking for a relationship right now, nor do i want one here.
• sexualise my little space. It is completely non-sexual and I will not tolerate this. You will be blocked.

Thank you lovelies! Let's keep this safe place safe! ♡

Why I'm 18+

Here is why my account is 18+!

Hi! So if you've made is this far, you may be confused as to why my account is 18+! I have elements of DDLG in my personal life but I do not wish to share that information online as I want to put out non-sexual content for anyone above 18 to follow me.

The main reason I am making my page 18+ is to protect minors, whether in agere or not. I am not a supporter of online age regression, and I find it is super dangerous for minors especially to put this information online as they are susceptible to grooming/bullying/etc,. With that being said, in order to follow me you MUST be 18 or over (either with your age in your bio or send me a DM with your age). I will only follow kink/ddlg accounts. Do NOT follow me if you are against this, but it is my account and I am old enough to follow 18+ pages, shops, etc.

Age regression is not an aesthetic. It is a therapy method used by professionals to help ADULTS deal with trauma, events, etc. It is also a part of DID, but those should be kept offline and safe from the world online as they are children. It is not "cute". It is dangerous, and predators are fooled by it into thinking they are ageplay/kink. It also glamourises medical symptoms/conditions.

My content is ALWAYS non-sexual ♡

Thank you! I hope you can understand these changes, and that it will be better and safer for not just me but you guys too! ♡

THE SECRET PHRASE (dm this to me!)

"I have a peachy bum!"