Hell there! My name is Prinston Anthony Sieh Moosh Nimene. I am a Liberian national.

I am a graduate of international university of business and technology (ISBAT) where i received a BSc in Applied information technology.,and currently a master candidate at cavendish University Uganda studying international relation and diplomatic studies.

Prior to master, I work as an IT intern at Hamilton Telecom Uganda, primarily resolving strategic issues relating to technology process improvement. As an intern I gained solid technical skills, analytical, and problems solving skills.

My background in generating innovative ideas and strategies to improve processes has provided me with a deeper understanding of multifaceted companies, and humanity encounter in their daily operations.

My experience an IT intern has been extremely rewarding and productive. However, having worked as an IT intern, I took up a new challenge in 2017 in the fashion industry to help young people achieve their goals and dreams in fashion.

My passion for serving humanity and strong interest in diplomacy led me to pursue a masters in IR, and my area of focus and interest is Africa, and I have written numerous articles about Africa to name a few “A call for unity among African’s States “, Elections in the time of Covid-19 “,” Africa's and Democracy after independence”....

I believe with my academic background, and experience I can contribute to making Africa's great, and the world a better place for everyone.

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