About Priscila Soto

“Architecture is not based on concrete and steel, and the elements of the soil. It is based on wonder.” -Daniel Libeskind-

My friends describe me as fierce, loyal, and determined. I get to the point, care for others deeply, and give 110% effort in everything I do.
I am definitely different from others. Probably because I grew up with a twin sister and always wanted to be sure everyone could distinguish us.

I enjoy traveling and would love to do more! So far I’ve been to 15 U.S States and to 2 other countries including Mexico to visit family and Canada for a Texas Tech architecture studio abroad! Have you ever tried Poutine or authentic street tacos? Both are extremely yummy and I definitely recommend.

My family has always taught me to be proud of where I came from but to never be afraid to strive for more. My Mayan and Aztec roots ground me but have never stopped me from surpassing stereotypes.

I am a fan of every type of music from Brooks and Dunn, to Selena, and even Broadway Musicals such as Wicked! I also enjoy binge watching tv shows.

Going to antique malls and museums is one of my favorite past times. I take every opportunity to learn something new.

I can’t remember ever having a boring day in my life and that is just how I like it but of course in the midst of everything I always have time for the people I love and my studies.