Wellness & Biz Coach

I started my journey in 2017 fresh out of high school . I had struggled with my health throughout my school years.
After graduation I decided to transform my body. I knew I needed something way different & stronger then what I was doing or using. I worked out 6 days a week + taking my nutrition daily that changed my life.

June of 2018 I found out that I was pregnant. That same (month or year?) I got into a car accident and everything changed for my body. Even though I worked out and ate healthy, the stress and the pain was too much on me , and the weight just kept on coming. By the time I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl I was 280 pounds. After eight weeks of recovery I was going through depression, mentally and physically lost, even as a personal trainer, Zumba instructor, and a lover of everything nutrition. To be honest with you, in that moment,
I looked in the mirror crying because I didn’t know where to start.
I was breast-feeding so I had to be careful with what I put in my body, at the same time I was trying everything in the world. I was a vegetarian, vegan, I did keto, and nothing was working. So, for my birthday, I wanted to give myself a gift. I decided to invest in program that changed my body, mentally and physically. I’m here to do the same for you, help you reach your body goals day after day 100%.

We are women/men all over the world changing each other’s lifestyle. Transforming our bodies not only Mentally, but Physically from the inside out. We say the unthinkable and do the unstoppable because when we set our goals, we accomplish them no matter what! WE ARE HERE TO STAY! WE ARE THE UNSTOPPABLE SQUAD!