Profaya lifestyle

This page is a creative space to showcase and share what i love the most which is art, fashion, culture and beaty

A creative black, multilingual and queer individual who is also proudly Xhosa.
I have weakness for all things beaty and creative and i find inspiration from travelling and interacting with people from all walks of life and i believe that fashion and styling is an art form

The Sip & Paint expirience

The Sip & Paint expirience

My friend Jen @socialtherapysa hosted a sip and paint at @si_cantina_sociale which was to honour Bombay world gin day. I got a chance to assist in co hosting and chat folks up and to present a touch of swag in the art of paint and present style while doing.

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Celebrate Pride —

Pride is more than celebration it’s awereness and a month of refelction

This month is about celebrating a group of people who are either seen as a prop or tag along for clout. But as a person who is part of LGBTQIA+ in Africa this month is about reflecting how far we have come and how much work that needs to be done.
As an artist it’s also time to share this image of style done in much pride colours and i hope it inspires you to see life in rainbow eyes

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My love for stage art

My first Broadway Show in NY

In celebration of one of the icons we grew up with Jenifer Hudson for her EGOT win i reflected on how much i once thought that theatre was my first love and my first time on broadway in New York to see Hamilton show exposed me to the finest art and how much complex it is to perform in that big of a stage. I also appreciate it more today than i would have ever before

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Finding style for every occassion

Last year December 2021 i graduated for my post grad at UCT business school.
I am not a fan of the long day ceremony in a covered in a grad robe, and so i ensured to dress comfortably in a suit with no shirt and multiple neckpieces and sandals as it was hot. I also try not to buy clothes impulsively so i just style the ones i have up to make them more interesting and stay fresh

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