just some info on me and how i edit


my name is 「 sam 」。i’ve been editing for about a year with many different programs. currently, i use video star but i hope to move to After Effects in the near future.

this website will showcase my edits, prices, and list other ways to help support me without spending money!

My Prices & Options

What you can buy from me !

My work is very flexible, so here are some ideas of things you can request with the pricing ! If you have a different editing idea, I’ll price it accordingly and fill your request !

Personal Edits

These are edits that can be of you or a specific person of your choice. They’re great presents and will fulfill your dreams of being in an edit ! I can provide the song or you can give me your own !
- $5

Youtube Video

Starting a Youtube Channel can be very complicated, especially when it gets to editing. I’ll edit your video in any style you like and even create your own thumbnail !
- $10

Meme Edits

Instragram and Youtube are full of amazing videos, ranging from high end editing to simply putting a few names on a vine. If this is the type of edit you want, I’ll make it !
- $7

Photo Edits

Ranging from simple borders and filters to an entire wallpaper, photo edits are extremely popular. Give me a theme and some photos, and I promise to deliver a high-quality edit !
- $7

Aesthetic Edits

Now, personal edits can also be aesthetic, but this type of edit uses no transitions and heavier filters. These types of edits are highly popular and will spice up your instagram !
- $3

How to support me

These are the best ways to support me !

If you want to help support this business but can’t pay, don’t worry !

You can help by subscribing to my youtube channel and watching my videos ! Growing my platforms will help me reach more people, so it would be a big help! Sharing my channel and videos as well would also help too :)

50 audios for edits

Oikawa Edit

Jibaku Shonen Hanako-Kun Edit

My Editing Evolution