Community relief directly supporting those impacted by the explosion in Beirut.

We’re asking for your immediate support financially and socially to collect funds to help individuals and families directly impacted in Beirut by this explosion. No donation or share is insignificant to us— we thank you in advance.

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Much love!

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How We’re Using the Fund

We a community mutual aid effort providing assistance directly to neighbors, not an NGO or a government organization. No one working with us is paid a single dollar, and our operating costs are $0. We will be posting exactly how we spend the fund and pictures of its impact on our Instagram page. You can DM us at any time if you need clarification.

Funds will be used to directly support those affected in the following ways:
- paying for medical bills of those injured by the explosion.
- providing food to affected people who may have lost their home or business.
- providing housing for people who have lost their homes.
- paying for repairs of homes that have been badly damaged.

Francesca Riccio-Ackerman (US contact) is organizing this campaign together with Lebanon-based Mark Dagher and Nadine Naboulsi. Mark and Francesca met at graduate school and are both friends with Nadine. Mark’s home in Beirut was destroyed from the explosion and he reached out to start this effort to support his neighbors. His role is identifying opportunities to use the funds to cover needs that are not being met by relief organizations. Nadine is budgeting the funds, documenting how all money is spent and collecting evidence of money spent. Francesca is organizing the GoFundMe campaign, designing graphics and contributing to our online presence, particularly in the US.

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