About the Promised Line

Clothing that S P E A K S !

We wholeheartedly believe that clothing carries destiny and we are passionate about dressing women who are stepping into their new season of purpose. Our promise is to bring fresh revelation about who they are through the Designer’s eyes and call out their divine identity. We are weaving into each design a message of encouragement so that our clients will be reminded of just what they are destined for.

Our Vision is to break the “boundary” in fashion between the secular and the church, unraveling the veil and bringing freedom of expression through clothing.

God introduced himself to the world as creator and we believe we are our most authentic selves when we create. So it's our heart to partner with the ultimate creative designer and bring a new level of excellence to the fashion industry through kingdom values.

Sustainability and generosity are our missions and we cannot wait to start the conversation around what clothing means to you and where you would like some guidance in getting dressed to possess your promise…
Because you are so worthy of it!

Our Promise!

Our goal is to bring the spirit of excellence into everything we do from start to finish and attract those looking for more ethically sourced fashion that quite literally speaks life into their identity while being on trend at a reasonable price point. People are waking up to the conditions of the workplace in what is considered “Fast Fashion” so we want to fill the gap while also providing valuable information about each piece they purchase and the heart behind our mission. More to come on personalized services from prophetic styling to custom piece designs.