Proofreading Commissions

A second pair of eyes is better than one.

Why do authors need a proofreader?
You need a proofreader to check the grammatical errors and the structure of your statements to make your story more attractive and professional.

My task is to make your story look more beautiful and enhanced by proofreading it and correcting the errors and changing the words to their better synonyms.

I will provide you an error free script with better usage of words and phrases. We often get tricked by our mind into thinking that what we wrote is perfectly fine and we leave it as it is but that's the major issue. A second pair of eyes can spot your mistakes and correct them.

You can mail me your chapter in form of a word document after the payment is successfully done.

1 Episode: Rs.100 (inr)
3 Episode: Rs.290 (inr)
5 Episode: Rs.490 (inr)
If you want to know the price of other sets of Episode then you can dm us.

Send either of us a message at @_im.rui_ or @maddydaddy17 to discuss the mode of payment.

Art Commissions

We are ecstatic to announce that we'll be taking art commissions from now on! Art scenes, characters, fan art, etc. All are available at the prices listed. Any personalized orders will also be taken <3

The prices are estimated accordingly and for prices of more than 3 characters, text us on our Instagram handle mentioned in the last slide.