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In bygone eras, creative individuals expressed themselves through comics and posters, aiming to inspire others, whether by delving into political matters or addressing propaganda. Being inherently creative, I naturally gravitated towards selecting a brand name reminiscent of "propaganda." However, "Propagrande" is not tied to any particular meaning; it simply evokes a familiar sound. I appended "Grande" to the name, drawing on its significance in Italian language, where it conveys the idea of "Big." This simple addition allowed for a seamless transformation, aligning with my penchant for dreaming on a grand scale, a sentiment I aim to convey through this brand.

Tony's journey through design has been driven by a deep desire to craft a brand that not only stands out but also pays homage to the timeless charm of streetwear. His design sensibility finds inspiration in the past, melding classic elements with contemporary twists to fashion unique and enthralling visuals. “Our brand represents a fusion of nostalgia and innovation, celebrating the essence of streetwear while pushing boundaries. With an unwavering dedication to authenticity and pioneering creativity, we aspire to make a lasting impact on the realms of design and fashion, one creation at a time.”

Gratitude Beyond Words: Thank You for Being with Propagrande

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We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support and engagement. At Propagrande, your presence matters immensely. Your interest in our creative journey fuels our passion for design, fashion, and innovation. As we continue crafting unique experiences, we're thankful for the trust you place in us. Together, we'll keep pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and celebrating the art of creation. Please stay connected through our social channels, and let's embark on this inspiring journey together. Thank you for being a part of the Propagrande community – your enthusiasm inspires us every day.


Recommendation #1

Introducing a one-of-a-kind masterpiece: my custom-designed New Era Cap! Crafted in collaboration with New Era, this hat boasts a striking fusion of vibrant colors and intricate embroidery, setting a bold fashion statement that's uniquely yours.

Recommendation #2

Introducing my upcoming signature shirt, born from a creative collaboration with a local print shop! This eye-catching tee showcases my unique design, combining artistry and comfort for a fashion piece that's both personal and stylish. Order from our exclusive drop via email today!

Recommendation #3

Introducing the pinnacle of personalized coziness: my custom-designed woven blanket, meticulously crafted in collaboration with a specialized blanket shop. This plush masterpiece combines my unique design with top-tier craftsmanship, providing warmth and style that's truly one-of-a-kind.

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