Prospering Mindz

¡Break the stigma against mental health!

We are ProsperingMindz. There are many norms in society, especially when it comes to your mental well-being. We are here to help bring change. We are breaking the stigma around mental health. We will be sharing our stories and journey. You’re not alone!

Part one- There are a variety of disorders in one's mind. No matter who you meet, everyone has their own mental disarray, even if not appeared to the human eye. We all have our own fears, anxiety, insecurities, and trauma. Sometimes the toughest battle you will face in life is against yourself. Whether it is forcing yourself to get up to start your day or doing something productive. We are our greatest enemy and our biggest critique. We all have the angel and devil above us bickering inside our head. We wonder which side will win. Strength is not always physical. Sometimes it is being able to continue searching for happiness and self-love to find yourself. In today's society, nothing is promised. Things go unnoticed, and we find ourselves too late in the end. Mental health is an issue that is hardly addressed in society. There is an immense stigma around it. People find it shameful to struggle with their mental health because of the norms of society. However, we, Prospering Minds, are the beginning of breaking the stigma. We will be sharing what we have been grappling with, our stories. This will be a safe place for all, and we welcome everyone with open arms. This will be a place where people can share their stories and have guidance throughout their journey. We want this to be an inspiration to others. This is the beginning of something grand. What mental health needs is more recognition and more comfortable discussions. We will be using our platforms for good. To show our prosperity and hopefully influence others during this journey. This truly means the world to us. Thank you! Stay tuned for future shoots/website, etc. -ProsperingMindz

Part two- “When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower” You don’t have to struggle in silence. Your mind is the most important and sacred part of you. Just like the way you take care of yourself physically, you have to nurture your mind. Look back and reflect on the nights you’ve shed tears and let your unwanted thoughts consume you. Where are you now? Who are you now? You might not see your progress but you’re prospering. -ProsperingMindz