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1.1 Can we just talk?

Have you ever wondered about signs of depression? How about the symptoms?

Let me tell you about it! Here are 6 common signs and symptoms of depression

This content is for information purposes only. If you suspect that you might be suffering from depression, we advise you to reach out to a mental professional.

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6 signs you've a symptoms of depression

1.2 Can we just talk?

⸺Unrealistic beauty standard in Asia


Lighter skin is not just a symbol of beauty but also of perceived power and wealth in these cultures, where prejudice against those with darker skin remains. Fairness has also been a particularly sought-after quality in East Asia – among the Koreans, Japanese and Chinese.


Social media has pervaded many aspects of our lives, not least our perception of beauty. How much of that is actually real? Nor should women feel any pressure to wake up looking camera-ready. Being judged by how we look is already tough enough. It may be quite impossible to go social media-free, but one thing we can all do is to apply a more critical eye on the content we see.


As women, we tend to hold a lot of emotional ties to our hair. It is undeniably one of the first things people notice about us and it can significantly affect our self-esteem, confidence and certainly our mood. The internal conflict women have with natural hair texture can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be.


To achieve this look, a very specific set of features is required: Very pale skin, big eyes with double eyelids, a tiny nose with a high nose bridge, and rosebud lips, all set on a small face that tapers off into a defined, subtly pointed chin. Not many of these can be achieved with just makeup, which explains the soaring popularity of cosmetic surgery in these countries.That's a troubling sign, surely, that needs to be addressed


Being judged by our bodies is very real thing for women everywhere, not just celebrities. The only thing we all need to shed is the weight of judgement. In a way, we all deserve to be beauty queens.


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Unrealistic beauty standard in Asia

2.1 Pagi-pagi News

US singer, 19, made claim in Vogue interview when discussing new single about abusive relationship

Billie Eilish has spoken about the prevalence of sexual exploitation of minors in an interview, saying “it’s everywhere”.

Speaking about her new single, Your Power, which addresses an abusive relationship between a minor and an older person, the 19-year-old singer said all her peers had experienced some sort of sexual impropriety.

Source: The Guardian

Billie Eilish: abuse of minors is ‘everywhere’

3.1 Social Issues

we are living in science fiction was brought home to me last week when I put down Kim Stanley Robinson’s superb climate-futures novel The Ministry for the Future and picked up Bill McKibben’s New Yorker letter on climate, warning of the melting of the Thwaites Glacier. Thwaites Glacier is in trouble due to encroaching warm waters, but they’d never actually analyzed data from beneath the glacier’s float ice shelf—until now. Thwaites was already known as the “doomsday glacier” because its collapse could raise global sea levels by as much as three feet.

The science mostly gives us terrifying news of more melting, more storms, more droughts, more fires, more famines. But the technological solutions and the success of the organizing to address this largest of all crises have likewise grown by leaps and bounds. You have to be a policy nerd to keep track of the countless new initiatives around the world. A lot of these policies have been deemed both good and not good enough. They do not get us to where we need to be, but they lay the foundation for further shifts, and like the Green New Deal many of them seemed unlikely a few years ago.

What should we do?

The challenge is great, but together we’re greater. Whoever you are, wherever you are; whether you have a minute or a month, you can turn your optimism into action. Find your way to help solve climate change by selecting what type of optimist you are below.

Source: Guardian|Newyorker|Climate Optimist

Climate Change

4.1 Self-love Edition

Across the decade, one mantra of mainstream feminism was to love your body – through any means necessary. Plastic surgery and injectibles became normalised overnight, with new lips as easy to buy in a lunch hour as a Boots meal deal. Unrealistic body ideals inspired thousands of women, but made an equal number very cross indeed.

All the journeying we appear to have done, for all the magazines that banned diet recipes but pivoted to clean eating and a dash of Botox, for all the brands, like Weight Watchers, that frantically attempted to catch up with the zeitgeist but appeared to break down somewhere near Heston Services, it feels to me as though we’ve not moved forward, instead, veered just a little to the side

Body positivity is not just about challenging how society views people based upon their physical size and shape, however. It also recognizes that judgments are often made based on race, gender, sexuality, and disability.

It’s ok to admit that you don’t necessarily love everything about your body. It’s ok to feel neutral or even indifferent about your body. Your worth and value do not lie in your shape or your size or in any other aspect of your appearance. Body image does play a part in self-concept, but it isn’t everything.

Source: verywellmind,guardian

Body Positivity

COVID-19: Oxygen for India

The COVID-19 situation in India is dire! Hospitals and paramedical services are overwhelmed. There is an extreme shortage of oxygen at several facilities. Patients are dying due to lack of oxygen while waiting for hours in ambulances for hospital beds! The goal is to help supply urban and rural hospitals. Your help is much appreciated and urgently needed.

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