Puff Puff Pass 💨 Some Of That Ka$h!

Broke? Laid off from work? Rent due? Whatever the case may be, it's likely that you've landed on this page because of one main reason. YOU NEED MONEY! Everybody gets knocked down at some point, but a lot are unsure how to get back up and recover! With todays economy, finances are tight which can cause budgeting to become extremely hard. Well my friends, this is where I come in.

(🎶 Cue Willy Wonka Theme 🎶)
"Come with me & you will see,
a world of pure imagination!"
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Hello, I'm John Wayne, creator of HOH Affiliates Group and hopefully I can shine some light along your path. I created this group to show the world that there is a way to get help! I'm not talking about going into more debt to refinance your home, getting a payday advance with the ungodly interest rates, or even putting your ride on the line and getting a dreaded title loan. I was sick of those companies taking advantage of me and knew that there had.to be other options.

So after endless all nighters of doing research, unhealthy amounts of coffee & nicotine, and the constant stress of worrying I realized something. There is an unlimited amount of money that people are overlooking and passing up every single day. A lot ot people think that what I stumbled across are scammers, fakes, people just trying to rob the gullible of what little bit of money they may have left. I'll be honest, I used to be one of those who thought that. I'm talking about being a marketing affiliate for larger companies that are trying to make the world know who they are. In todays economy, as cliche as this sounds, these types of operations are usually referred to as pyramid schemes. People hear that phrase and run!

I get it guys, I've been there, and for for the majority of people what is unknown or something that brings about a change is scary! As humans we have naturalistic instincts for a fight or flight mode. I got tired of the flights so I thought what's the worst that can happen? I decided to take one for the team and took that leap of faith. As an adult, we have decisions that we must make. Some bring about a lot more fear than others but that's the key right there guys! If life were easy it wouldn't be scary. I realized very quickly that I had been dead wrong for so many years.

With all of that being said, you obviously have already jumped sides or your thinking about it. Why else would you still be on this page reading this?? I'm here to help each and every one of you understand how this works and ways to maximize your profits. Guys & Gals, you could be making $10, $20, $30, and.even up to $100 for each referral you get. The best thing about it is that these companies just keep shoveling this money out and the number of referrals you could get are only limited to by how hard you try! If you have any doubts or any questions I'm ready and wiling to show you the payment proof from where these companies have paid me. Stop being scared and take the leap, I promise you won't regret it. If I can help anyone else make their life better for them, their kids, and the rest of their loved ones then I'm damn sure gonna do it. I like seeing the little guys winning so let's go get that money guys!