Pulse Point Collection

Plant Based, Cruelty Free Organic Products

After facing much adversity at the age of 18, I decided to move from the inn we city streets of New York and relocate my entire life in the hopes of evading the stereotypes given to troubled kids raised in the foster care system. What I ended up doing was even better, I found my true self and created a brand standing behind just that.

Pulse Point collection is a variety of cosmetic and bath products that helps advance our day to day essential line up. For our Pulse Members we offer plant based, cruelty free, organic and vegan products beginning with our essential oil lip, hand, face and body moisturizers available in multiple sizes and forms between solid and liquid. To further enhance your Pulse Experience we recently introduced our Pulse Garden. Our Pulse Garden line features organic wax melts, candles, massage bars, cube bar soap and bath bars. We here believe the best way to get clean is to use clean items. No surprises, no additives and even better, no items that isn’t natural to our earth.

All items are personally researched, created, hand poured, labeled, delivered/shipped by our very own owner Suheiri Rodriguez.

We strive for quality and service. Have any recommendations or issues let us know! All feedback is positive feedback and appreciated!

“You have the opportunity to be successful, if you give being successful an opportunity!” - Suheiri Rodriguez - Foster kid turned CEO