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Crafts for a cause!

Hello everyone! My name is Sophia and I came to Virginia to help my cousin and her two sons (ages 5 and 6). When I first got out here we both worked until I had to stop due to covid-19. She continued to work through June but her medical conditions progressed quickly and made her unable to work. She went to the ER for abdominal pain and bleeding where they found a large mass and cysts on both of her ovaries. She was immediately transferred to oncology when she then found out that she carries a rare ovarian cancer gene called SMARCA-4. At the young age of 28 the oncologist told her that they would now immediately need to take her ovaries out making it a complete hysterectomy (her uterus was removed in July 2019). After the surgery the biopsy was positive for a small cell carcinoma of the ovaries. She went straight into menopause. Since the surgery there have been many complications due to her catching an infection from the OR. She is still unable to work and is on bed rest. Her name is Raeanne and she is such a strong woman who has been fighting her medical conditions since she was a teenager (over 10 years)!

I just wanted to give you all a little backstory as to why we recently created our business. She did not want to create a go fund me and ask for money. We came up with the idea of creating custom items to sell to at least give back to the people supporting us! All of the proceeds are going to help her medical expenses and to her family. If you can please just check out our page we make so many custom items from shirts, home decor, ornaments, cups etc. Also do not forget that the holidays are coming up and all of our products make great gifts! Right now we are based in Norfolk, VA. so we can do meet ups for purchased items but we also ship everywhere in the US. If you have an idea we can make it! If you are unable to buy something a share of this can go such a long way. If you got this far we want you to know that ALL of your support is SO appreciated and does not go unnoticed. Have a lovely day and stay safe!

Our favs!

Here is some of our favorite items that we have customized!

We have so much fun with each and every one of our orders. If you have any ideas send them our way and we will make it happen!