Pure Romance By Donna

Welcome to Pure Romance By Donna 🖤
A little about myself.
My name is Donna & I started my journey with my husband in 1996. In 2005 we became Mr & Mrs Johnson 🤍 yep... that’s right... I’m the proud owner of a Big Johnson.
My husband has always been a 50 shades of gray kind of guy, while myself ... well.. let’s just say No libido kinda gal.
I am the proud mom of a 15yr old son who is highly addicted to baseball. He finished his freshman year playing Freshman, JV & some Varsity at his High School. He also plays for a travel team & keeps us busy & thankful for that money tree in the back yard 🙃
I am also the proud mom of an 11yr old daughter. She finished her 7th yr as a cheerleader with the local youth league in our county. She is now cheering for her middle school. Constantly tumbling & cheering. This will be her 1st year being a base as she has always been the flyer. This makes her extremely happy 😃 She is still so very shy & it drives me crazy but it’s who she is & hopefully one day the rest of the world will know Jordyn as I do🤪
My husband & kids are my world 🌎 I am hoping this business helps me to be a better wife & mother all the while helping to ease financial burden.

I am so excited you all have decided to join me on this journey! Thank you so much.

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