The Purple Ocean

“My mind is possessed by the word success”-BTS, Suga

Hi, my name is Amina the founder of the PurpleOcean. The name itself is inspired by the one and only BTS. I got introduced to the most wonderful 7 members of the group, when I was feeling down. Gradually I fall in love with the Kpop, specially BTS. The boys helped me to love myself, believe in myself and make my dreams come true.
I started buy and sell in different business platforms, however one day things changed for me. I feel lucky to say that I was part of the BTS purple ocean when I attended to their concert. Seeing army’s unity and the way they created purple ocean with the “army bombs”: inspired me to try something new. I planned and started my Kpop merch and k-product business. I realised that this little idea was making so many Kpop fans happy and satisfied with their shopping. Then, I decided that my first goal is to keep the Kpop fans and my lovely buyers happy. I follow to the life quote that “happiness is when you are the reason for someone’s happiness”.
Here I am expanding my business more in order to spread positive energy, love and happiness though my goods.