How to keep your Jewelry Safe

Jewelry Often Fades and oxidizes before the time is should and urghhhh that has to be extremely annoying. There’s ways for you to keep them from fading so fast, there’s literally a way to get your jewelry lasting longer than it’s stipulated time. Let’s get you looking like Queen Cleopatra.

1. Buy a Jewelry Box. A jewelry box will keep your jewelry in one place and away from dust and other liquids. A jewelry box is more like a home for your jewelry, it’s just safest there

2. Do Not Shower With Jewelry On. Pouring water on the jewelry causes it to oxidize, also the properties in the soap when in contact with jewelry clash and cause it to lose color faster

3. Do Not Spray Onto Jewelry. While preparing and dressing up, only wear your jewelry after using Vaseline, the deodorant and perfumes.
This will also keep you safe from the different allergic reactions to the metal

4. Remove jewelry after use. After slaying and bedazzling yourself with the jewelry, be kind to it, remove and store for next times use.

5. Have a variety. Do not wear that beautiful necklace until it’s begging you for a day off. That will cause it to expire faster than it should have, your jewelry is like a person, it tires.

Thankyou for reading through, be sure to take your VITAMIN ACCESSORIES daily✨🥂