the intersection of empowerment and justice

Everyday, Purpose.d aspires to change the world in two ways, one tiny little step and important human heart at a time.

/em•pow•er•ment/ authority or power given to someone to do something
~ empowering the, too often overlooked, female to understand they are the only one influencing their future and reality. Anyone can do, be, and say whatever the hell they want, simply because they are breathing.

/jus•tice/ the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness ~ similarly, every human has the right to freedom in the form of justice. Too often society steps on another human in order to get where they’re going. Addressing the deeply set issue of slave trade, Human Trafficing, and unfair labor practices; everyone should be allowed to breathe freely and from there take authority over their life and know they are empowered

Here at Purpose.d we understand these two issues are at the root of many lies holding people back from chasing their why as fully as they are humanly possible. We want to change that

Just a couple of the tangible ways we are working towards this mission
/education/ understanding the definition and impact of slave•unfair labor
/repurposing clothing/ breaking the cycle of poverty and unfair labor practices
/events/ leading women into a fuller knowing of their own power and ability

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