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Get to know me

Hey y’all!! My name is Jacque. I’m a sinner saved by Grace, wife, mother and friend. I love my family, corny jokes and vegan treats.

My life has been the sum of some really great moments and those not so fun to talk about.

My husband and I lost our first born and I was struggling to show up on a daily basis afterward. My doctor wanted to write a script, but that felt like a bandaid approach for me. I remember my father sharing before he passed that taking meds can sometimes lead to addiction and after working as a nurse I’ve seen his words first hand and that’s not the route I wanted to travel.

So I went after my healing with God and essential oils. After one application of my favorite oil blend to this day and intentionally crying out to my Savior. My healing began!

These oils weren’t just to make my house smell nice but they changed my atmosphere and the way I approached my situation.

I’m taking up space online to serve as an emotional wellness coach to mindful mamas who are doing their best to make life amazing for themselves and their families emotionally.

I’m here to point you to Him. To encourage you to renew your mind on a daily basis and use your essential oils purposely.

I’m your safe place, your encourager and I hope to inspire you to be as mindful of your emotional status as you are your physical health.

Thanks for being here.