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Welcome! We are so happy you are here! Purposely Stranded WIGS is committed to providing amazing services and products to those suffering with hair loss.

PSW specializes in creating custom lace hair pieces through a process called ventilation. A few of the items we make are , but are not limited to, closures, frontals and full lace wigs. We also make Cranial Prosthesis for those diagnosed with a medical condition that contributes to or causes hair loss.

Classes are available for those wanting to learn more about what we do, we also carry an array of. products and provide mentorship opportunities to all willing to learn. So take a look around and see all that we have to offer. I know there’s something here for you!

What is Ventilation?

- the process of tying individual hairs into a lace type base to create hairpieces and wigs.

Dating back to the Victorian Era, this technique creates hairpieces like closures, frontals, side burns, mustaches, beards, toupees & even full lace wigs that look like they are growing out of your skin! Ventilation is still heavily used today in the theatre & film industry to bring characters to life.

One hairpiece can take 30 minutes to 100+ hours to complete. Though tedious and very time consuming, the finished piece is a work of art customized to each clients’ requests.

PSW strives to provide a customized experience to each client. Ventilation makes that possible.


Classes, courses & mentorship programs

Education is one of the most important things in the world. Endless possibilities & opportunities are a product of knowledge & PSW wants to be a part of your journey.

Whether just entering the wig making world or a veteran returning to your craft, we have classes that appeal to every student at any given stage of their voyage.

In keeping with the completely customizable experience of our company, we wanted to create that same atmosphere with the classes we provide. You choose the courses you want to take, when & in what order. We even offer bundle class packages of 3 or 5 classes for discounted prices. Take a look at the link below to view our class list & contact us to customize your learning experience TODAY!!!

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We love to hear from you! Every bit of feed back makes us better. Contact us today with all your questions, comments and concerns.

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Wig Tips & Tricks

Wigs are super fun to wear but contrary to popular belief, they require work. It’s not as simple as slide a wig on and go about your day. There is a lot more to wearing wigs.

We created this list of our Top 10 Wig Tips & Tricks to help keep you on the right path. This list does not contain everything there is to know about wigs but it’s a great starting place.