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About Brandi

My aim isn’t the pursuit of happiness, but finding happiness in my pursuits.

Hey loves! My name is Brandi or B, and I am 26 years old. I recently moved from Los Angeles, California which is where I am pursuing My master’s in legal studies. To be completely honest I am usually back in forth between the East Coast and the West Coast and I’m currently trying to figure out what city I want to start my life in. In the meantime, I decided to travel, workout, gain new experiences, and look fashionable while doing it.

When it comes to me There are two things you should know about me. One is that I’m extremely diverse whether that be fashion or even my interest. And Two is that I am very confident and openminded. So, I guess that’s more like three things. Believe it or not I used to be ashamed of how curvy my body was, I tried to hide my “Ass”ets. And I was scared to dress risky or standout because I thought people wouldn’t take me seriously. And then. I just stopped caring and I decided to post what makes me feel good and powerful! It took me so long to accept the skin I’m in, and now that I do, I just want to motivate those with similar body types that they too, can dress with confidence and still be intelligent.

My social Media presence is a reflection of just that. Body empowerment and community. I wanted to create a community of people that are multifaceted, and adaptable. Being a Law student and a former debater, I seldom found spaces where I could embrace who I was. So, I created that space for my followers. So, we can stay in tune with cultural events, policies, and even fashion. I believe life is far too complex and beautiful to throw yourself in one box. So, thank you, for supporting and me, and hyping me up! Whether I posted Game of thrones, presidential documentaries, extremely ethnic music, yoga, and great food, you guys were here for it all!

I hope that we continue to encourage and support each other and more importantly I hope you all continue to follow me and my pursuits. I have a lot of amazing things planned for you all.