Info about this account <3

Dm me if you have any questions about this account, this account is new ☆゚.*・。゚

|| Info ⊰⊹

꒰ captions ꒱ this account also giving free captions, you can also request to me what emoji, text you wanna put on the caption, if you request a caption, maybe I'll finish it in 2 days or 1 days. Just dm which captions you want to be, or you can use my idea caption [ use credit! ]

꒰ pfp photo ꒱ this account giving some free pfp photo, you can choose the theme, exp : aesthetic pfp, dark pfp, and more. Dm me if you need some pfp photo. [ You can use credit or not ]

꒰ Giveaway ꒱ this account is only for joining giveaway mostly, you can check my story and post to see some people giveaway, this account is not making giveaway (maybe when I hit 200 or other)

꒰ Inspired ꒱ this account is inspired by @sxftiwpillows ! So follow her and me if you want to see some giveaway

꒰ About me ꒱ if you want to k ow about me, you can check my highlight that say "about me 🍡"

꒰ Symbol ꒱ this account giving some free symbol for captions, you can dm me if you need some symbol, you can just copy and paste

꒰ spam like ꒱ this account will spam like if you like my post mostly

꒰ Follback? ꒱ yes, this account always follback, if you're account is about roblox, if it's something else, I won't follback

꒰ Active? ꒱ this account sometimes active, I don't have much time, so I won't be active much <3