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Just your tan Florida girl soaking up the sun here.🌞 Now living here I meet tons of people and let me tell you how I am not for those negative nancies out there with their silly antics and just like negative products in my hair or on my skin, I'm just so not into it. For real though, ya girl is not about it. Shoo don't bother me and my peace.

So let's speak about non- toxic products and how they change my life everyday. Awhile ago I was going along with life just dealing with split ends and dandruff and stress making me lose hair and hopping from different brands of conditioner every so many months just trying to figure out the right products and how to maintain health for my long hair. Right up until I saw this post on my Instagram and just instantly felt connected. I was hooked on seeing this product this girl kept talking about that helped her skin and hair and the opportunity to change your life. I reached out almost instantly to hear her side of it and let's be real, I was hesitant but it's cause I needed change and I needed it bad. My hair was dead and needed to come back to life. And so did I. ❤️

Fast track to now, and well of course, I partnered with this company and now run my own online business! I now teach others how to live that Benjamin Button lifestyle. Yes. It's real and it's possible for anyone teachable. I teach mommy’s, servers, full time corporate chicks, lawyers, and more, on how to live the life of their dreams. We have one badass pack of strong independent women who do the damn thang each and everyday and better themselves and everyone around them. You deserve to be in this 🦊 with us!

Fill out an application on the next page → let’s build you that life you deserve all while helping people feel their best damn self giving back!
Did she say, “clinically backed, award winning non-toxic beauty products?” DAMN RIGHT I DID. Fill out a hair or skin quiz on the next page → let’s get these products in your hands so you can join in on all the hype and live that life you dream about!

Live and Love Life Again

Perks of a life like me and Perks of a VIP

Hello Hustler! So happy you've made your way to this page and let me tell you a little bit of what you can expect out of this opportunity. My name is PyperJamie Cooper and I am an influencer and partner for vegan hair and skin care brand Modern Nature.

I mentor people who partner with us to become their own CEO's and build a business using WiFi.
I am looking for NEW goal driven partners to add to our team who want to create another stream of income by using clean hair and skin care and educating their audience on the importance of using healthier products.

Benefits include ...

- Weekly/Monthly paychecks (up to five per month)
- Monthly Bonuses
- Consistency rewards (Free products)
- Cadillac program (Earned Car)
- Free Trips
- up to 40% discount on products
- Personal Website

Mentorship includes

- Support & Engagement (help to boost instagram engagement)
- Training on products
- Training on social media
- Training on marketing
- One on One private training
- Motivation & Personal development

So, with that said time to stop aimlessly scrolling through instagram and start getting paid for it! 🧳

My #1 Recommendation

BBBerry scrub! It's Berrrrry fun to wash your face!
Buffs away dull old skin to reveal softer and smoother revitalized skin.