Speak What You Seek Until You See What You Said!

Let me introduce myself!

Hey, thanks for coming by! I’m Qiana let me share a bit of my back story who would have thought!!! I didn't finish high school I got my GED made some bad and good decisions became a single mother of four went through a divorce and more lets just say the odds were against me but I over came my life could and would have been so different now if I wouldn't have taken a chance on my self for my self!!!!! I know what it’s like to try to make ends meet and I know what it’s like to need options and I know those options I needed I wanted to be free as a bird able to spend my time how I choose. One of the things I love most is helping people discover their self worth and step into their power. Life is short and I believe everyone deserves to feel happy, free, and truly fulfilled. Who knew that one “yes” could forever change my life. I want to help
men & women create their dream life and change their future for the better. Someone shared with me and now I want to share with you If this sounds good to you & you want to be part of my movement, fill out my “work with me application.” While I can help you grow financially and personally I can also help you feel better back with an amazing line vegan, clean, toxic free herbal products in the wellness & beauty industry. If you are looking for a feel better routine, or to be more mindful of what wellness products you use, fill out my surveys.Let’s get you set up!