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What I post and why I post

Hi, I'm Neptune and I post edits, collabs, and other gacha related trends.

From the day I started watching gacha I fell in love due to the variety of styles in gacha such as videos, memes, edits and other creative ideas. I was personally inspired by mayabear and gacha gang because of their commitment to videos and the talent they have shown in these videos on YouTube.

I am thankful to be apart of this community as there are many wonderful people who has self confidence in one and another to achieve their goals.

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About Me

True Facts About Me!

🍡┊My Name
My in real life name is Heidi and you pronounce it as "Hi D". It's apparently a name from Scotland but I believe it's from Germany.
🖇️┊Where I'm From
I'm from the UK 🇬🇧 meaning I'm British but I'm both British and Asian as both of my parents are from China.
☁️┊My Age
I'm a 12 year old female, currently in Year 8 (UK version).
✨┊My Gender
I'm a female, my preferred pronouns are she/her.
🤍┊My Sexuality
I'm straight but I do support LGBTQ community as I think it's right to love who you want.
Personally, I think my personality is mainly weird but to my friends they would probably think different.
🧸┊My Thoughts
In my opinion, I think it's right to dream about what we want to be. I think it's right to love who you want to love. I think it's right to change the world to be a better place and call it a home or a whole as people in general should work together no matter what and make our countries into a community plus a worth living society.

YouTube Channel

Main Channel: • n e p t y •

Subscribe to my channel if you wish. If you look on my channel you'll be able to see some things about me.