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About me

Facts ab me <33
Name - lily/lils/lil idrm !
Best friends - well my mains Emily lol
Idol(s) - Tom Felton ofc, Ariana Grande, Emma Watson :)
Fav movies - Harry Potter films, Twilight films
B-day - April 29th ig
Fandom - Twilight/Harry potter fandom, or multifandom idrk lol
Celeb crush(es) - Draco Malfoy, Edward Cullen ofc !!
Fav songs - Rolling in the deep - Adele, Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish <33
most used app(s) - video star, snap, ig, WhatsApp/messages
fav game - call of duty probs, I play Roblox a bit but it’s kinda boring so not my fav Lmao
Your loved :,)

Socials - below !!

My edit acc !!

Growing tips

Tips bc Ilysm :,)
• don’t do sp unless necessary
• tag credits ( ac/sc/ib ) etc unless they ask not to they might like ur post lol
• if ur flopping do a tag list but not too many people
• use trending #’s
• be nice & make friends <3
• be active post at least once a day
• don’t get upset if you don’t go viral over night, it takes time. <3

My edit acc !!  —

Credits for my account

Bio ib - lumosvfx
sc - either in caption or on the sound wtvr
clip creds - me :)
ib - in caption
All edits made by me :))

My edit acc !!

Thank you

Thank you so much if you actually read this lmao! Ilygsm and yeah I'm just really grateful!! If you have any questions about this just dm me or smt like that on Insta <33