Little girl who changes the world from within

Hi my name is Reina Nguyen, currently living in Houston, TX. I was originally from Vietnam, living a sheltered life in Saigon city and my parents had taught me to be safe and follow the tradition of getting a 9-5 & get married, have kids.

Years went by I followed what I was told to do but I wasn’t happy... even so I have never thought of doing anything differently simply because I know no other way to live my life than what I was told.

And it all changed one day when I realized that the world I had lived in which labeled safe is only an illusion. There are always risks involved in what you choose to do, so I decided to transform myself to follow my passion instead.

When stepping out of your comfort zone, you have two choices: either transform to adapt to the new environment or unable to adapt and go back to your old lifestyle.

It took me a while to transform from a sheltered girl who was shy, had no confidence in herself, and know nothing about social media to change into who I am now who is confident, inspiring, and ambitious to be a leader in business focusing on lifestyle transformation to help others who need directions and support to transform their ordinary self into extraordinary.

For those who look to transform themselves and their digital business: I have the resources, strategies, and connections with many inspirational successful entrepreneurial mentors and transformational coaches who can help you discover your potentials and unleash your strengths to start or bring your digital business to the next level.

My Top Reads

Transformational books that change you and your business

The Buddha and The Badass

When you are struggling to find you value and mission in life: This book helps you brainstorming and reconnect to yourself and your purposes.