To Our Q Sciences Team

Welcome, glad you have decided to join us! This business is paid on infinite levels. We really meant the sooner the better and that timing is everything. Everyone that signs up after today that is placed in your leg, you will receive commissions on. Everyone they sign up.. same deal. I bet you can already see how this business thrives on simple duplication. If you show up everyday, build relationships, share the opportunity, and duplicate your ambassadors you will succeed here. 

Save the link to this website. This is going to be your bread and butter to guide you through your business, especially when sharing the opportunity with others. It has all the basic things you need covered. 

And here you will also find links to tons of valuable, quick, and amazing training videos. These topics will strongly influence and motivate you and your business.

We have systems in place already here and they work perfectly. Now it’s time to learn them and make them work for you. 

your first goal should be to reach executive and get the $500 fast start bonus . The information from this website can help you along the way. To hit the ground running and get your business off to a good start, go through all of this in the next 48 to 72 hours. 

1. Get familiar with this team website
2. Download Zoom
3. Download Telegram for team wide chats
4. Check your q emails - sign docusign
5. Watch launch call - link below
6. Message your two + fab 5
7. Invite prospects to view tonight’s opp call
8. Watch training, product & other helpful videos
9. Make a pique post on your social media
10. Get plugged in to the Facebook groups

Links provided throughout


Get Plugged in to Facebook Groups

• Team Chat
• The Movement - upline information page with basic training lives + product info
• Q collective - zoom call info, contests
• Freedom Co. Team Info + graphics, opp calls
• Discovering Q Life Testimony Group
• Quintessential Life 💙 Testimonies
• Q Sciences Product Knowledge Testimony
• Q Sciences News - Lives from corporate

The events tab in the Facebook pages The Movement, Q collective and freedom Co. will show you all of the upcoming calls, training videos and power hours!

The groups for the most part are for ambassadors, however, it is a great idea (and recommended) to invite customers to the testimony groups.

Business Mindset vs. MLM

Access code: 6233x4g+

Print Launch Docs

Launch Documents

Set up your account to get paid

• Sign e-document in welcome email
• set up auto-ship

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