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We truly have a great community! Thank you everyone for your support in our eggdeavor!

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Due to a lapse in judgment, we have more eggs than we know what to do with (and sometimes other treats). Please help yourself. We will do our best to keep this website updated with the contents of the Honor Box.

We will be eternally grateful for all returned cartons!

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You asked! We answered!

Some of the most common questions we get

Q: These eggs look dirty! Why aren’t they clean like grocery store eggs?!

A: When chickens lay eggs they are coated in a thin antibacterial layer called the “bloom”. When eggs are washed, the bloom is washed away which exposes the eggs to greater risk of spoiling.

Q: These eggs are room temperature! Have they gone bad?

A: Because we do not wash the bloom off of eggs, they are shelf stable for many weeks. If you decide to wash them at home, you will have to keep them in the fridge after they are washed.

Q: These eggs are weird colors!

A: We keep a wide variety of chickens including some less common breeds such as Jubilee, Black Copper Maran, Svart Höna, Ameraucana, and Olive Easter Egger- they lay eggs in a wonderful variety of colors! They all taste more or less the same. You may notice a speck of pigment in the darker eggs, this is normal and nothing to worry about.

Q: How long will these eggs last?

A: Because they still have their bloom, these eggs will last significantly longer than eggs you might buy in the grocery store, which are typically 30-60 days old when you buy them.We like to eat ours within about 4-6 weeks, but they will last much longer than that generally.

Q: I don’t have cash! How can I pay you?
A: Bring it when you can, or get fancy by scanning our Venmo QR code in the cooler.

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