Quality Education in La Guajira.  —

Problem of quality education in La Guajira

Quality education in La Guajira has been very unfavorable, the department is in the last places in terms of education and this is a very important problem for the department if it wants to move forward.
There are many factors that lead to this difficult situation of not having quality education in Guajira, several of these are: difficult geographical conditions, inadequate infrastructure, limited connectivity, scarce high quality human resources, low investment from the national and local government. Another cause of low quality education is the ingenious problems of each student, which makes it a complicated task for the teacher to educate

What has been done in the past to solve the problem.

Money has been invested in the construction and adaptation of educational centers to improve the quality of education, providing them with computer rooms, electricity, and sanitary batteries.
In addition, more than 600 students were able to access a full day. And more than 3,400 teachers were appointed to serve the population.
And on the other hand, since 2018 food and school transport are guaranteed.
Juniors have also been encouraged to prepare to take the Saber exam and to work hard, with dedication and discipline so that they can achieve their dreams.
In turn, productive projects were created that provide students with comprehensive training, who can learn to bake, cut and make, food processing, crafts, and meats (sheep and goats).

Strategies to improve quality education in La Guajira.

Over the years, many policies have been created to improve the quality of education in the Department, however it has not been possible to implement all these policies that ensure a quality education for the Department due to multiple problems that arise from training. of the child in the home to the lack of infrastructure of educational institutions. Due to these problems, the first thing to do is to ensure that parents provide a good training to the child from birth, since this will greatly influence the development of their physical and psychological skills in the classroom and thus facilitate progress in the teaching that your teachers give you.
Children and teachers must also be provided with the tools to attend their educational centers and fulfill all their tasks, for example: transportation, food, school supplies and a classroom with decent conditions to be able to receive all their classes and also the teachers can give their classes in good condition, and finally that governments are stable in these policies and can ensure that all children complete their training process from kindergarten to junior high school.