It all started with a simple vision, manifested into reality.

Quantum Feels is dedicated to creating custom nail designs using top of the line gel tips, polishes & genuine crystals.

All sets are handmade by Brittany B., with love and intention. Get the "salon" look from the comfort of your own home. No matter the times we are in you deserve to FEEL beautiful.

Not only Luxury Press on Nails, Quantum Feels specializes in Naturally Infused Healing Products.

Our candles are 100% naturally infused with pure soy wax, and like our signature Bath Salts, Bath Teas, Body & Cuticle Oil, they are infused with the finest essential oils, dried herbs, and healing crystals.
These ingredients are specially combined to remove blockage and create balance and alignment within yourself.

Quantum Feels knows the importance of the energy and elements around you.

Light your candles today to promote greater flow and harmony amongst your chakras, leading you to feel healthier, happier, and stronger - more deeply connected with both yourself and the Universe.

Thank you for choosing QuantumFeels
& supporting a small business. XO

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✨Quality Natural Infused Healing Products✨

You deserve to FEEL beautiful 🔮

Best Sellers 🔮✨

Dew Drops — Tea Tree, Rosemary & Eucalyptus 🌿

Quantum Feels™ Naturally Infused Healing Candles — 💧 Dew Drops 💧
Utilizes nature’s most potent botanicals to create a revitalizing and healing experience that uplifts the whole body.
🌿 This therapeutic blend helps to open the sinuses, relieve congestion, and helps the deepen the breath 🌿

USD $15.55

Lemon + Cedarwood 🍋🪵

Quantum Feels™ Naturally Infused Healing Candles — Lemon + Cedarwood 🍋🪵

Earthy cedarwood and bright lemon mingle subtly and seductively in this uniquely blended healing candle. Lemon energizes while cedarwood calms, balancing the mood of any environment.

Both essential oils assist in cleansing and restoring the air around you. ✨

USD $15.55

Calm Cashmere — Marijuana Infused 🍃

Quantum Feels™ Natural Infused Healing Candle - CALM CASHMERE 🌿
This beautiful soy blended, wellness scented candle infused w/ Chamomile & Vanilla is filled with a calming fragrance that contain complex notes of sweet, dried chamomile infused with a dash of raw vanilla. .

•Natural Aphrodisiac
• Relaxing, tranquilizing

Additional 🌿 Rosemary, Basil, Green Aventurine, Tigers Eye 🔮

USD $11.11