Hey Queens and Kings👑

My name is Tykie but some call me Queen💁🏾🌹

I'm 20 years old, I live in East Texas going to Texas A&M Commerce University as a full time college student, and I was able to quit my job to work FULL TIME from my phoneeeeeee!!!!

Before I started this online business, back early January, I was hopping from job to job just barely getting by on my rent with little to no pay and trying to get up every morning at 7 am to head to class. I just wanted to be able to not wake up exhausted for class and be able to do and turn my homework in on time. I also modeled so I wanted more freedom to do ME, more time, be available to go to a casting, fashion shows, photoshoots, spend time with family, and etc as well as overall travel when I want to not when my boss said I could.
On a Sunday morning I just felt like life had got to me and I prayed to God that he would make the stress go away. When I had got back home from church I noticed that this girl had been reaching out to me for FOUR months about her business she does from home and I kept saying no because I thought she had gotten hacked or it was a scam. Feeling like God was trying to tell me something I just texted her straight up saying "Hey! Are you a scam!?" From that day forward I wished I had joined this amazing business sooner!

I am so happy at the place I am at right now! and know that it's only going to get better!
I've had so much time on my hands that I can do nothing but thank God for laying this opportunity in front of me and opening my eyes. I control my income, I control my time, I control my life 100%! There are so many multiple was you can make income from this business it's unbelievable! And the best part is I get to teach others how to earn an extra income from their phones and take back there life🙏🏾