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Show the universe how bright you can shine

Born and raised in Arkansas City, Kansas, I’ve made it my mission to inspire small town women into their wildest dreams. After years of floating around in communities that shunned the idea that black is beautiful, intelligent and liberating, I went on a deep self discovering journey to find out “Who am I?”

I’ve developed a platform that leads women of color on a crash course of self love, self awareness, and the confidence to exist as the Divine Feminine Goddess within.

I am currently living life on the road with my husband traveling across the United States, free of the things I’ve decided no longer serve a purpose for me and sharing the journey with everyone through the Queen X platform via the podcast, YouTube channel, Patreon and social media.

I’ve been recognized as “Digital Influencer of the Year” as well as “ Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2018 & 2019 by Urban Professionals of Wichita and the Blackout Awards.

I currently have 2 self published journals, “ASH FREE THOUGHTS” and “ I AM WOMAN REFLECTION JOURNAL” available on Amazon.

My Journey Through Video

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