Quencie Photography

All in the details

Time: “normal” shoots are offered in half (30 minutes) or full (one hour) sessions. I try to schedule most all shoots during “golden hour”- one hour before sunset. Senior shoots take two hours. For weddings, check packaging details.

Where: I live in the West Plains area, and typically shoot on our farm or in town. However we can shoot at a location of your choice. Keep in mind, I charge .40 to the mile.

WHEN and HOW you see pictures: within a week a preview will be uploaded to social media(s). Within 2-3 weeks, you will receive all edited pictures through google drive. You will need to create a google email if you don’t already have one.

Printing: Once you download images through google drive, you are allowed to print as many as you want, wherever you want.

Pricing: pricing varies depending on what type of shoot you are wanting. Check specific pages.


Families of 3-4
Half (30 minutes): 100
Full (one hour): 160

For each additional person, 10 dollars will be charged.

.40 to the mile from my location


Phone or in person meeting is vital before making a packaging choice

Package one- 4 hours, 1000
Package two- 6 hours, 1500
Package three- 8 hours, 2000

.40 to the mile from my location


Congrats, gorgeous/handsome!

Length: 2 hours

Location: Anywhere and everywhere! Keep in mind I charge .40 to the mile from my house, and that your time starts at first location. West Plains and/or my home area, no extra charge.

Outfit changes: limitless. Keep in mind you have two hours to work with. I always suggest two outfits. Three at most.

You will see your pictures within 2-4 weeks. A preview will likely be uploaded within one week on social media(s). You will receive your pictures through google drive and will be able to print however many you want, wherever you want.

Pricing: 300


Keep in mind, I offer lifestyle newborn pictures. Personal advice: If you want STUDIO styled, baby in baskets, swings, and swaddled pictures, hire a photographer who is specialized and ONLY does newborn photos.

However, I will take gorgeous shots inside/outside your home with baby completely in YOUR care. Take all the breaks you need to breastfeed, comfort, etc. If you want intimate, real, and relaxed photos, I’m your gal.

Pro tip: make sure your house is warm and baby is fed before I get there.

Pricing: 160 an hour.