About me!

Hello! Thanks for checking out my account. My names Artemis but you can call me Arty for short. I'm fifteen years old. I'm the host of a system. I try to respond to DMS as fast as I can so please don't spam me unless I give you the green light! I'm also a baby witch :)
Likes: Art, Greek mythology, astrology, witchcraft, videogames, netflix, horror movies/stories, comedy, dad jokes, sweets, ppl who match energy, keyboard smashing, animals

Dislikes: arguing, flashing lights, in depth talk of dying, sour candy, fakeclaimers

Little age: 0-3, sometimes 5

I pet regress to: bunny, fawn, puppy, kitten, dragon & fox

Love language: words of affirmation, gift giving, phsyical touch

Ideal date: honestly I don't mind doing anything, as long as it's w someone I love ^^

Pronouns: They/Them

Sexuality: Bisexual + Polyam

Gender: non-binary
Info about the sys:

-There are over 200+ of us, ranging in different genders, sexualities and ages.

-we have fictives from the sources of: TWD, TWDG, DSMP, IT, YouTube persona, Marvel, Heathers, South park, Hamilton, She-Ra(POP), Harley Quinn (Birds of prey), Joker, Minecraft as humans, Among us, Coraline, SCP foundation, Teen Titans, Alice in wonderland, Bad omens, MHA

-Some of the alters have typing quirks but we always provide a translation.
Sys acc: @the.maziar_.sys
Personal acc: mutt_.guttz
Please use tone indicators with me! You don't need them all but please use "/j, /srs, /lh, /r & /p"
Play with me!

Roblox: L0v3lyPhr0g

Minecraft: ArtyBlxcks
Have a nice day/night!! <3