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Meet your team

Hey y’all! Welcome to Ra2y Home Decor!
We look forward to meeting you, but for now... meet your team!

•full time chicken farmer
•dog dad

•SHS cheer senior ‘21
•future nurse

•2nd grade teacher
•dog mom

what is our why?

1 Corinthians 16:14

1 Corinthians 16:14 says
“Let all that you do be done in love”

Y’all! This bible verse is very fitting for us! Whether it’s Reagan getting aggravated with paint, Austin trying to stain something, or me fighting with vinyl, it is truly a labor of love. We love to create and bring joy to people through things we make! We started making things to decorate Austin’s house, then we got really good at it! So we thought we would share our talents with the world like God calls us to do... which was the beginning of Ra2y!

What does that stand for?? I’m glad you asked! When I read it, I say “Ray” but that’s definitely not what it looks like. The Ray stands for Reagan, and the a2 is really “a squared” for Austin & Ashley!

What we do best

Best seller

Hey y’all! Our best selling item is our custom door hanger signs! The photos are just a few examples of what we can create!

Message us with your ideas and we can make them come to life!

Welcome y’all

Welcome y’all is something we hear so often in the south... so why not let your door hanger say it!


Let’s face it... everyone thinks this. Don’t lie.


We. Love. Christmas.
This is only the beginning of our Christmas creations...

like to shop? Us too!

this is one of our door hangers! $35✨

Custom orders

let’s talk your ideas

We are happy to take custom orders! Just message us with your ideas and we will make it happen! This is one example of a door hanger one of our awesome customers ordered!

Thin blue line

Thank you to all who serve and protect!

Expecting? Let us hook you up!

This door hanger is beautiful for your sweet ones nursery!

are dogs considered children?

why yes, yes they are.

We love our dogs and want them to be included in our life! We can do *almost* any breed of dog! The sweet pups can be on ornaments or door hangers!

Rooster obsessed?

yeah, us too

“Welcome to our coop”

You need this sign in your life.