Let's Create that Ripple Effect —

If I said to you, "you can have the life you desire" ...would you believe me? When I was a child I knew I wanted to change the world, yet had no idea it would lead me to standing up Infront of people sharing my story and learning how to public speak. We all have a voice, and we have a story, it's how we choose to share it and the opportunities that allow the ripple effect and connections.

Things happen for a reason and I'm grateful our paths get to cross. I invite You to this space and hope that somewhere in me sharing my journey so far, lights something up inside you to create and open up to share or reach out to follow your life's dreams and desires.

As a child I embraced my imagination, music and animals. I always felt like the odd kid in the circle, not fitting into societies box.

I studied like the other kids, yet I felt there was more to what was being offered. I began my search in early teens to find myself and learn modalities that resonated with me whilst doing my school work. Which leads to where I am today...

You see, the universe gives us signs for our journey, yet we don't realise them til we look back and see what we had to learn to be where we are now. Every decision is the right one at that time. So often we self sabotage or regret decisions rather than thanking them for opportunities and lessons we got to learn along the way.

There was a day I saw a post and it resonated with me, so much that I reached out and it led me to coaching having the tools needed to fulfill my purpose. Personal growth, coming home to the self, connection on a platform that allows all modalities to come together to shine the light and guide others.

I am a holistic healer who coaches and mentors souls that wish to create and live their best life, their purpose, blueprint as their own.

When I started, my tech skills were zero. I didn't even know how to use zoom or copy and paste. I had no idea what was to come, yet I backed myself and trusted my coaches as all great coaches have a coach too...

I chose to say YES...and You can too!

It changed my life...I invite You to reach out and say Yes to You.

I am here to support you on your journey and guide you the way I was and still am.

GIFT yourself to live the life You desire. This is all possible when you have the right tools and light to guide You.

For me...I love that I have Choice and Freedom to be Me!

I decided to listen to my heart and You Can Too.
Will You take the chance?

I am grateful to connect with you, I look forward to you reaching out and getting started.

"If not now, when?"

Insta @rb_holistic_mindsetcoaching

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Hello beautiful people, I'm Rachael.
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