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Art & The Metaphysical with RachaeLorene

Let’s do a quick intro- I like to think of myself as a high energy individual who loves to create and explore. I like to incorporate bright colors, abstraction and the surreal to my work. You will also find common themes of nature, space, crystals, sacred geometry, old cars and seductively beautiful women. As a kid, I was lucky enough to be raised by my grandparents, and my art teaching grandmother has everything to do with my passion for art and art history.

Now that I’m older I find myself creating more digital art, collages to be exact, which saves on materials and offers a whole new way of creation that is ever evolving. I love cutting things up to create something brand new, never knowing how it will end up. Album art is one of my favorite things to create digitally. ✨

I have had the honor of curating my own gallery inside Nashville’s Hotel Preston, as well as being featured in the VIP Lounge at Nashville’s Outdoor Ascend Amphitheater. Reach out to me for custom art or collaborations!

In 2020 I became a certified Usui Reiki Master after 3 years of energy healing with crystals and Chakra Readings. I love working with people as well as animals. Check out more of my website for more info on Reiki studies and effectiveness!

Feel free to DM me to book a session, for custom SIWTCHWORD art, or if you have any questions. 💜

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Your Body is Divine and Intelligent

The Mind/Body Connection

When you connect to your inner self you strengthen your mind/body connection.

Many people believe that our beliefs and thoughts effect our health as much as healthy eating and exercise.

Stagnant energy can build up from daily stress, unresolved trauma, anxiety or unhealthy relationships or mindsets. Checking our inner beliefs to make sure we let go of things that no longer serve us can help us feel recharged and uplifted.

Check the links below for more information on Reiki and clinical studies that prove its effectiveness.


What is Reiki? How does it feel? How long does it last?

Here you will find an article that explains energy healing and how Reiki can help you emotionally, physically, spiritually.

Reiki energy will allow you to process and let go of things no longer for you, empowering you to utilize your energy to find self fulfillment chase your dreams and reach your goals!

What to Expect From a Reiki Session

Clinical Study on Reiki Effectiveness

We all know that excess stress, anxiety, worry or anger can have negative effects on our mood and daily living. Reiki energy has been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
Reiki also works with our chakras, which directly link to large nerve bundles called plexuses and major organs within our body.

Reiki has also been clinically proven to help reduce fatigue, pain, and nausea.
Furthermore, Reiki provides immediate relief, and symptoms are commonly reduced during or immediately after the Reiki session and last for some time after.

Studies Show Reiki as an Effective Healing Modality

Reiki History

How Reiki Began: The Lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui

The Roots of Reiki