My favorites —

Giordana NXG Wind Vest

Giordana FR-C Pro Bib Short - Shorter Inseam

By far the best fitting and most comfortable bibs I own. The compression is perfect and does not give me sausage legs. The chamois covers exactly what it needs to cover, and the material is durable. This bib makes me feel confident and comfortable! I’ve worn them on centuries, climbing rides, and coffee rides. I wear a size S (for reference, I wear a size S in MFF bibs and XS in Specialized bibs). I have these bibs in black and olive green 😍

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Giordana FR-C Pro Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey

A light thermal long sleeve jersey, comfy and snug. Pair it with thermal bib knickers and a thermal vest, and you are good to go! Layerable, too!

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Giordana G-Shield

The G-Shield thermal jersey, bibs, arm warmers, leg warmers, and gloves are my absolute essentials for below 50 degree weather 🥶 Comfy, warm, and layerable!

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Giordana FR-C Pro Wind Jacket

Great for morning rides, climbing in the mountains, or on a cloudy California day ⛰🌥 It has 3 rear pockets and a reflective strip to make you visible at night. These come in unisex sizing and I wear a size S (again, bc I have broad shoulders). Note that it’s recommended that you size down from the jersey.

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Fingerscrossed Classic Socks

Comfy and cute! Great quality socks, can’t go wrong with it at all.

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Giordana Knitted Dryarn Arm Warmers

Not much to say other than arm warmers are essential. Before I tried arm warmers, I did not know how much difference it makes to cover your bare arms and reduce bare skin exposure to the cold. If you can’t take any form of cold like this California gal, then these are perfect for you. Easy to take off and store in your rear pockets if needed!

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Coffee stops :)

Little Lunch

Coffee + ham & cheese croissant 👌🏽

Two Kids Coffee

South Pasadena.
Coffee + the best on the way home place to stop by 🫶🏽


Santa Monica.
My favorite mugs + the best cardamom twists & wraps ever 😋


Mar Vista-ish.
Hands down best coffee 🙌🏽

Poppy Cake

Sierra Madre / Arcadia.
Best pasties everrrrrrr (cheese danish!!) 🤩


Eagle Rock.
Hojicha latte 👌🏽

Good People

Santa Monica.
Vanilla bullshit 👌🏽

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