You Matter. Period.

You are worthy of everything good in this world. You’re the boss of your body, your life, and your mind. You choose what happens next.

Hey there. I’m Rachel Fujitani, but you can call me Rach for short. Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little more about me. I’m 20 years old, full-time stay at home mom, and a dropout college student pursuing my dreams as a social media influencer in network marketing for a luxury hair and skin care company.

I’m here to motivate, support, encourage and change women’s lives. Nothing makes my heart smile more than being able to bring positivity and empowerment into someone’s life, whether a small or big impact. The constant act of fear led me to so much hesitation and doubt when it came to taking risks, but we only have one life, so why not take those risks. No matter what, forward is forward.

I’m so excited you’re here and I can’t wait to get to know more about you and your story - swipe for my links to get things fired up and going!

My top picks —

Happy Hair , Happy Life

Listed below are some of my all time favorite hair care products that I personally use in my daily hair care routine. Each product smells SO GOOD & has helped me achieve the beautiful hair that you see today. If you’re interested in your own personalized hair care system, swipe back to my LINKS page & take my hair consultation quiz & we can start you on your healthy hair movement today!

Shampoos & Conditioner

Renew shampoo is our most moisturizing. The smoothing duo is the best to maintain/control those frizzy hairs.

Split Ends? Don’t Know Her

Rejuvabeads is our magical split end mender that mends your split ends in 60 seconds.


Restore Leave In Conditioner with a few drops of liquid gold aka Rejuveniqe Oil is a MUST. I cannot stress enough how everyone should have this oil. It has over 101 uses for literally anything & everything, from your hair, skin, face, scars, hair treatments, etc. This is the best post shower treatment for your hair that will leave your hair with shine for days.

Lazy Days

This is for those wash & go days. I apply a dime sized amount, twist my hair into sections & wait till my hair air dries & BOOM. I have heatless waves. This cuts your dry time in half & tames those little flyaways!

Quench The Thirst

A few squirts of this hydration serum does exactly what it says. This hydrates any dry & thirsty hair & transforms it into healthy, shiny & moisturized hair.


This is my pick me up to give my hair that day 1 hair look on day 3/4 hair. I use this in between my washes since I only wash my hair 2x a week. Not to mention, this dry shampoo is not flammable, so it really is THE CHAMP.