🖤Well hello beautiful🖤

Iam Rachel a 37 yr old mum of 2 from South Wales


In the 1st month of the 1st lock down in 2020 I found myslef heavier and bigger than I was full term with my son ,who was at the time was sat next to me @ 17 weeks old!!

I was a lonely ,scared stay at home mum, on maternity at the time,with my partner working away 5 days a week ,sometimes more!
As a part time waitress my future in a job that I had worked in for 18 Yrs also hang in the balance with the current lockdown/ furlough situation

After experiencing crippling anxiety, depression, fatigue and feeling like a failure to my children and partner I reached out for help

Something had to change

I was introduced to project you and that’s where everything changed
After getting astonishing and winning results and losing over 2 stone I was asked to become a coach.

Project you has changed not only my life but my family’s too

It has become my passion to help hundreds of woman on there journey getting there sexy back .🖤

So if you’re ready to make a change to feel incredible, reach out, Im here to help you go from burnt out to an energetic ball of self love

🖤 Project you 🖤

🖤 ladies only 🖤

28 day challenge ,Project You Girls really is more than just the physical with this challenge, the set meal plans and weekly workouts are absolutely insane But it really is more than that.
We strive to boost that inner happy and work on your mindset, to boost your self esteem and your confidence levels.
Every woman needs this in their life, as being a mum of two and doing everything single handily I totally get it... Let me ask?? Do you put everyone before your self? The kids, work, the partner, the house, the dog, friends and family ... then by the time it comes to you you’re too exhausted to care.

It doesn’t have to be this way... With “Project You” we work on all aspects of the mind, body & soul.

What does It in-tail? ....
you will be apart of an amazing and supportive online community you’ll get a 2 week meal plan for your goal, daily workouts and 24 7 support. This is so helpful to stay accountable ,stay motivated and on track to smash them body goals! 🖤