You are wildly loved

Hey friend!

You are wildly loved.

By a God who walked the earth so you could walk in eternity.

By a friend who crossed the oceans so you wouldn't drown,

By a Saviour who stretched out His arms on the cross so He could hold you forever.

His name is Jesus and He loves you fiercely.

Just thought you should know.

About Me  —

I am Rachel, a wife and mom of three, on a mission to share hope, joy + freedom through worship, words + wellness.

Expect me to sing and celebrate with you, pray and prophesy for you and walk this journey called life with you.

I'm so glad you're here!

R x

Wellness —

My wellness journey began in 2017 when I was diagnosed with post adoption depression. I knew the signs as I had had post natal depression 3.5 years before but never dreamed it would happen to me again.

Unable to sleep, I tried a few essential oils from an IG contact who is now very treasured friend. I used the oil blends she sent me and slept for the first time in six weeks. I then dove deeper into the world of aromatherapy, and successfully managed my depression with Jesus, oils, therapy and exercise.

Fast forward to today and we have completely changed our lifestyle, ditching synthetic fragrance and toxins for natural options that fuel, restore and repair our bodies. I am now a qualified aromatherapist running my own business Sacred Balance and am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others.

Sacred Balance

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Essential Oils

I use the purest essential oils in both my home and my treatment room. Click below to find out more.

Essential Oils

Worship —

Music moves the soul and worship moves the Spirit.

When we sing and play instruments, we release vibrational frequencies into the atmosphere. This movement of the air moves our God, releases angel armies and breaks spiritual strongholds.

Want to overcome disease? Worship the One who made you.

Want breakthrough? Declare the power of the God of angel armies who will fight on your behalf.

Want to overcome fear? Praise the One who put breath in your lungs and boldness in your spirit.

Worship moves mountains, and moves the heart of God. So wherever this finds you today my friend, choose to worship.

The Worship Effect

The Worship Effect

Words —

I have written down stories and experiences as long as I can remember. Writing is cathartic for me, and as I pour out my heart I process my thoughts.

My most favourite writers are those who speak with honesty and authenticity, those who aren't afraid to bare all (figuratively speaking!) and wear their heart on their sleeve.

I have used my blog to create a space where I share my story through motherhood, mental health, wellness and worship. I pray that my wandering thoughts and Divine downloads bless you too.

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She Shares Joy

JOY = Jesus Over You

Joy isn't dependent on where you stand in but in Who you stand.