Come Take A Look

Hi There, my names Rachel ! I am a 27 year old hairstylist of 4 years, business owner, care taker, friend & mentor.

My journey begins here... I lost my mom in 2017 to Stage IV Lung Cancer. The doctors gave her 1-5 years, but God decided 4 weeks was all she could handle, so she passed unexpectedly.

The day she passed I watched her take her last breath & saw her life escape her. Her passing has haunted me ever since.

I choose to surround myself with positivity & empowering people. That is where my “shampoo gig” comes in.

I had just recently decided to end my skincare biz I had because it wasn’t the right fit for me, so I wasn’t looking for anything to replace it.

The opportunity was presented to me & something inside told me to say yes & run with it. I think that “something” was my mom. Thank you mom for bringing this into my life.

I won’t spend too much time saying what it’s done for me because I live it everyday. I want you to know this company & some dedication can give you financial freedom (yes debt doesn’t have to be forever!), the ability to travel, a group of ladies who are here to grow together and build each other up.

If you’re in need of enlightening, a good laugh or just a beacon of hope, let’s link arms & do this damn thing together 👑✨