“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”

Hey friends!👋🏼
Rachel, here!
Want to know a little bit about me? :)
I married my best friend, Jonny Smith, in 2018. Four months into marriage we found out we were pregnant with the sweetest gift of all time, Asael William Smith. (That’s pronounced AW-CY-ELL)
I love being a mom! I love being a stay-at-home mom🥰

I am a busy body. I love having something to do! I love having something to work towards. But I also prioritize my Sabbath. Y’all, it’s IMPORTANT to have a day of rest every week.

Jesus is the lover of my soul. He’s the best friend of all time❤️

I love 🌿Wellness🌿 and yes, that means I’m a believer in oils ;) Thieves is my right hand man! Health, fitness, oils, toxic-free products, COUNT ME IN!

I am the owner of Unleash Dance Company🦁Once we found out we were moving from
AL—>FL I had to close it down, but I know God’s timing is perfect and we will open up again! Movement will always be my language.

✨I love all things Disney✨ All things fun✨ And anything that makes me feel like a kid again✨

I believe in the impossible.
I believe in staying out of your comfort zone.
I believe God has a plan and purpose for EVERYONE.

I am always L E A R N I N G

I don’t aspire to be something I’m not. I fail almost every day. I get motivated and inspired and then lose heart for overthinking. I’m not perfect, but I’m not fake. I’m sassy, I’m honest, and I’m constantly chasing after God’s heart and His will for my life. I am always learning because I don’t think there should ever be a moment in life when you stop because you think you know it all. You can always be better, you can always do better! I aspire to be a world changer. Whether that’s in owning a dance company or being a wife and mom or selling hair products! Whatever it is, whatever I’m doing, I pray that I’m making a difference in this world and advancing God’s Kingdom.

On another note: I would love to get to know YOU! I love community✨ Send me a message and let’s talk!